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Greencroft South Medical Group
Greencroft Wynd Annan Dumfriesshire DG12 6GS
Tel: 01461 202244
Fax: 01461 205401
Out of Hours: 111
If you have coronavirus related symptoms but are well and managing, please self-isolate in line with national guidance. We will not be testing for covid-19 even if you have symptoms.


Dr Byers and our Practice Nurse hold an Asthma Clinic regularly for patients over the age of 16. Details can be obtained at reception.

You may be asked to complete a Asthma monitoring template. This is available via the Asthma link on the eConsult Tab.


Clinics are held on a regular basis by Dr Kieran and a Practice Nurse.

If you would like further information please ask at reception.

Family Planning

We provide all aspects of family planning advice including pre-conceptual and sterilisation counselling.

We hold regular Coil-check Clinics.

We also offer -

  • IUD Insertion/Removal
  • IUS Insertion/Removal
  • Implanon

You may be asked to complete a Contraception monitoring template. This is available via the Contraception link on the eConsult Tab.

Hypertension-High Blood Pressure

Clinics are held weekly by a Practice Nurse.

You may be asked to complete a Blood Pressure/ Hypertension monitoring template. This is available via the Hypertension link on the eConsult Tab.

Minor Surgery - Wart Clinic

Minor surgical procedures can be performed at the medical centre. Wart clinics are also held on a regular basis.

Please ask for details at reception


Our Practice Nurse holds regular Clinics for Children and Adults. If travel immunisation are required please inform reception as soon as your holiday destination details are known.

Full cover sometimes requires immunisation to be given over a period of weeks. We advise that you do not leave it until the last minute before contacting the Medical Centre as you may not have allowed the necessary time to complete the course.

Please Note:

If you are travelling to three or more destinations we would politely ask you to get in touch with Loch Thorn Clinic, who specialise in Travel Vaccinations.

Maternity Care

Ante-natal and post-natal care is shared with the Maternity Unit at Dumfries Infirmary. We offer all aspects of ante-natal care during your pregnancy. Full post-natal examination is also provided.

Clinics are held at the Medical Cetre each Wednesday between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm with a Doctor and a Community midwife

Well Woman Clinic

Clinics are run weekly by a Practice Nurse. All women aged 16-60 years are offered a health check (including advice, breast examination and cervical smear test) every three years. If you would like this check, please make an appointment at reception. Advice on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can also be given.