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Greencroft South Medical Group
Greencroft Wynd Annan Dumfriesshire DG12 6GS
Tel: 01461 202244
Fax: 01461 205401
Out of Hours: 111
If you have coronavirus related symptoms but are well and managing, please self-isolate in line with national guidance. We will not be testing for covid-19 even if you have symptoms.

Access to Medical Records

All information and personal details are treated by the Doctors and Practice Team in the strictest confidence. Patients have a right of access to their own Health Records, subject to any limitations in the law (Health Records Act 1990).

Further details in relation to the Data Protection Act 1998 are available from the Office Manager, Tina McNeil.

Medical Certificates

For the first 7 days of any period of illness, self certification is appropriate. A Self Certificate (SC2) can be obtained from reception. If your period of illness lasts more than 7 days you will be required to be seen by a Doctor who may then issue a Statement of Fitness to Work (this replaces the Medical Certificate, Med3).  You no longer need to be signed back to work.   If you are on long term certification please make and appointment in advance so that a follow up certificate can be issued

Patient Rights (Scotland) Act 2011

This Act raises the focus of patient rights and responsibilities.  It encourages feedback, comments, concerns and complaints about NHS services.  The aim is to develop a culture that values and listens to the views of patients, carers and service users to help inform and improve the delivery of person-centred quality health care.  All NHS service providers are required to report quarterly to the Health Board on the number of complaints received; whether these were dealt with within 20 days; a summary of any key themes and actions taken to improve services as a result.  To help patients understand their rights, the Citizens Advice Bureau provides a Patient Advice and Support Service (01387 739802).  The support team can offer advice and information to patients who might be unclear of their rights or procedures.  Or you could contact the Dumfries and Galloway Advocacy Service on 01387 247237 who provide a similar service.  You can also pick up a booklet entitled 'How to make a complaint about the NHS' from reception.

Your first point of contact should be to call Brett Winn, Practice Manager at the surgery on 01461 202244.  Alternatively, if you just want to make a comment, then you could complete a 'Something to Say' post card in the waiting room.  We are always interested to hear your views on what you like about the surgery and what you think we could do differently.

Dedicated line 0300123 1236

Patient transport is no longer arranged by the practice.  If you require transport, it should be arranged at the time your outpatient or hospital appointment is arranged.  To qualify for a patient ambulance, you must fall into one or both of the criteria below:

  • your condition is such that you require the skills or support of Patient Transport Services staff, and/or
  • your condition impacts on your mobility to such an extent that it would be detrimental to travel by other means.

Space on ambulance transport is very limited, so it is unlikely you will be able to take someone with you, unless you require help eg. children, sight impaired patients.  The Scottish Ambulance Service provides transport.  Call the dedicated line (above) or text relay 18001-0300 1231236 for patients who are hard of hearing or speech impaired. 

If you need to cancel transport please phone the free 24 hour answer service on 0800 389 1333, leaving your name, which clinic/ward, date and time of appointment.

If you are arranging your own transport, here are some helpful numbers:

Public transport - phone Traveline Scotland on 0871 200 2233

Taxicard - reduced cost taxi travel for patients resident in Dumfries and Galloway, contact 01387 260383 or visit

Travel costs - you may be entitled to help with travel costs.  Check with the hospital you are attending for further information or call 0845 8501166.

Private Medical Services

Some services fall outside the NHS and for these a charge may be made. A full list of these services is displayed in the waiting room together with the current charges.

Join the Organ Donor Register - 0300 1232323

The NHS Organ Donor Register is a national, confidential list of people who are willing to become donors after their death.  It can be quickly accessed to see if you have registered to be a donor, and can literally be a life-saver.  Putting your name down makes everyone aware of your wishes and makes it easier for them to agree to your donation.  You need to tell those closest to you of your decision, as even if your name is registered, the person closest to you in life will be asked to confirm you hadn't changed your mind.  By registering you give your consent to the use of your organs for transplantation.  Make sure your family know your wishes.  Millions of people carry donor cards or are on the register.  To be sent a card or register call the Organ Donor Line on 0300 1232323 (7.00am - 11.00pm every day) - You could save someone's life.

Removal From List

A GP has the right to remove patients from his/her list and may do so if:

a) a patient moves outwith the practice area
b) the GP considers that there has been an irreversible breakdown in the Doctor/Patient relationship

The practice operates a Zero Tolerance policy where a patient is violent or abusive to a Doctor, any member of staff or any person on the practice premises. If necessary charges will be made against those who abuse any member of practice staff.

There are absolutely no mitigating circumstances where abuse of any staff member is acceptable